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The following items are prohibited during tournament week. All items are subject to search. Any unauthorized items found on Tournament grounds will be confiscated.

  • Cameras and Video Cameras (except during practice rounds for personal photographic use only, and only without their cases)
  • Radios, TVs, Signs, Flags, Banners, Computers/laptops, Laser pointing devices
  • A single bottle of sealed water IS permitted but other beverages or coolers are prohibited (including coffee, soda, etc.)
  • Firearms or Explosives
  • Camera carrying cases, packages, and other carry items (small bags and purses 6” x 6” ARE permitted)
  • Backpacks (except for the drawstring variety typically carried by children) and oversize bags (except for diaper bags when an infant/young child is present)
  • Umbrellas are permitted but we ask to be considerate of other spectators
  • No lounge or over-sized chairs with extended foot rests (small golf stools and collapsible sport spectator chairs ARE allowed without chair bags)
  • Cellular phones are permitted, but must be turned off or silenced and used away from play
  • Unmanned aircrafts (drones, etc.)
  • Any other items deemed unlawful, dangerous, inappropriate, or disruptive by the LPGA and/or tournament site security personnel, in their sole discretion